penetration testing cyber security

As time goes by, hackers are becoming more sophisticated and skilled. This means that business owners should also take cyber security more seriously than ever. One way a company can find out if their cyber security is vulnerable is by utilizing the same techniques, used by hackers to try gain access to their IT systems. This practice is known as penetration testing.

A company needs to hire a cyber security professional, who will use methods cyber criminals use such as social engineering, viruses or password cracking to try to gain access to the company’s systems. These professionals attempt to break into a company’s system and then they compile a report that helps the company to update their systems to protect themselves against such attacks from real hackers.

We have listed reasons why as a company you need to invest in penetration testing to protect yourself from cyber attacks.

Stimulates A Real Attack Scenario

You probably wonder why you need to invest in penetration testing when you already have strong cyber-defenses. The truth is that systems are not totally infallible and no matter how much you spent on cyber security, sophisticated hackers are always looking for new ways to break down these defenses. The only way you can be sure that your systems will hold out against any threat is by stimulating a cyber-attack. Doing this will help you identify any defects or problems in your cyber defense measures and plug any holes to protect yourself from real attacks.

It Saves You Money

Several companies experience system breaches every year and they end up losing a lot of money, in terms of fines from the governing bodies and their customers also lose trust in them. Security breaches are a huge blow to any company and it can cripple a company sometimes even leading to its collapse. Now, if you think investing in penetration testing is a waste of money, think of how much you will end up losing once you get a security breach and fail to protect customer data. Penetration testing is meant to guide a company to know their greatest weakness and where to effectively spend their cyber security budget.

You Get An Outsider’s Perspective On Your Security

A company that runs their cyber security in house doesn’t get to get a second opinion. Such companies believe that they have the best IT professionals manning their cyber security. You may have the best IT professionals who put in place a strong system, but the truth is that without a second opinion, your cyber defenses can be left with blind spots. It is very important to carry out penetration testing to get a second opinion and get an outside perspective on your system.

It Reveals Which Security Areas To Invest In

As mentioned earlier, a security breach can cost a business a lot of money in terms of fines and loss of trust from customers. Statistics show that 60% of businesses that suffer a cyber-attack do not survive. This clearly shows that a business cannot afford to sit back and hope that cyber criminals will not attack. Simply installing firewalls and anti-virus software is not enough to protect your business systems. Penetration testing does not only help you identify the weak areas in your cyber defenses, but it also helps you to allocate money in the right way to enhance your cyber security. For example, if your employees are using weak passwords, you will be able to give them proper training about the dangers of such practices.

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