Proxy SSLi

We have all become so used to accessing the internet immediately that we do not stop to consider the process by which we access the sites we are browsing. We simply find the website URL, click and go there and usually that brings up the webpage we are expecting. However, what appears to be a simple process is a series of steps and any one of those steps can be interjected by hackers or cyberattack, accessing your data. By using full proxy SSLi architecture, you can be sure your data is completely safe, and you can access the site of your choice without compromise.

About Full Proxy SSLi

Proxy SSLi creates a kind of breaker point between you and the internet, in the same way that a lawn mower uses a safety switch to prevent overload. Therefore, you do not connect directly from your pc or laptop into the server to access a website. By implementing our proxy SSLis, you can be sure that anything you access secures both you and the server from any interjecting information and hackers.

How does Full Proxy SSLi Architecture work?

Full proxy SSLi architecture works, in a simplified way, by creating and analyzing two distinct points of contact (the website you want to access and your own access). This breaks the user’s direct connection to the internet and routes it through a point where the information can be analyzed and encrypted before connecting. This way the end point and the beginning point are both protected and made safe by encryption before they come together. This process takes a nanosecond and you would be completely unaware that it has taken place.

The Process Made Simple

  • First as you go to access a site, encrypted traffic (your click of the mouse) is intercepted by a proxy SSLi and decrypted.
  • The decrypted information is then sent to a security device where it is inspected to ensure it is clear.
  • Once the encrypted information has been inspected, it is then sent back to the SSLi, where it is again intercepted and re-encrypted.
  • Next, the SSLi sends the newly re-encrypted traffic to the server
  • Once the server receives the traffic, it processes the request after which it sends an encrypted response to the proxy SSLi.
  • The SSLi then decrypts this response, once again forwarding it to the security device for the same inspection treatment
  • Finally, once inspected, the traffic is re-encrypted and sent to you, where your connection to your site of choice is complete.

Why Go through All that?

Do not underestimate the power of cyberattack. Billions are lost in revenue every day due to the ever-evolving methods of criminals. They have the capability to hack into even the best systems. Banks, hospitals, even computer companies have had their systems broken into and data stolen. By using a proxy SSLi you can eliminate any threat of your information being intercepted, thus keeping your data safe and confidential.