private proxies

There are many different ways to obtain data from the Internet. In fact, marketers use data scraping all the time to obtain relevant information. Due to the vast amount of data available and the sheer painstaking work it would take to collect it manually, there are an array of data scraping tools available to take on this task. Data scraping allows you to obtain information quickly. Using a data scraper means you can leave the tool to do its job whilst you carry on with your workload. So, what has all this to do with private proxies?

Dedicated Proxies And Data Scrapers – A Match Made In Heaven

In order to extract data safely, you will need a dedicated proxy and your data scraper.

Why Do I Need A Proxy?

As you know, a proxy hides your identity and IP address. Without a proxy, it is likely that search engines will ban your IP address, and if you use your own IP address, this will be disastrous. Private proxies give the highest level of anonymity, meaning you can carry out your work safely. They are very quick as well, which allows the data extraction to be done in a lot shorter time. However, you do need to ensure you get a proxy that has unmetered bandwidth, otherwise you may be penalized.

What If My Proxy IP Address Gets Banned?

This can occasionally happen, and that is only occasionally. In that case, you will need a replacement private proxy to carry on your data extraction.

Is Data Scraping Legal?

Yes, it is legal, but search engines do not like it! There are many legitimate reasons for scraping data, but search engines err on the side of caution, preferring to believe that it is being extracted for illegal purposes. The search engines themselves have access to everyone’s information and can extract that data any time they want. They like to be in control, so if you need vital information you need to play by the rules. In order to slow people down the search engines use CAPTCHAs.

How To Continue Extracting Data Regularly

In order to minimize the number of CAPTCHAs you encounter with your data scraping tool, you need to set your private proxy to change the frequency of its query. This means you can choose how long to leave between sending out queries for the information. By creating a limit on the number of requests, you can create the illusion that it is a natural, human query. The optimum setting is between 5-10 seconds.

Be Random

The more random you are in setting up your scraping tool, the more successful you will be. Be mindful of how you set up your scraper, even when you do use a private proxy. Don’t have it working diligently hour after hour, and day after day, otherwise you will be sure to have your private proxy IP address banned. Stagger your information requests across proxies and ensure you set different proxy rate limits as well as using different keyword searches for each of them.