IoT can kill you

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ability of devices to connect with the internet. Take, for instance, the smart thermostat that you have installed in your smart home that can be controlled with an app on your phone, or the printer that is WiFi ready, or your car that may have been programmed to use the internet for GPS activities. The key reason why devices these days are created with the ability to connect with the internet is to enable users to make their lives easier. However, things are not all rosy, and when IoT goes wrong, it can even be fatal. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Killed by Your Smart Fridge

Nowadays, there are smart fridges that can be used to be linked to a shopping app. The smart fridge will collect and interpret your shopping trends by looking at the food that you have bought and consumed. It can generate a grocery list automatically based on its prediction and send it to your phone for you to process it through the shopping app. If you are not careful and did not check the list properly, the smart fridge can possibly order items that you or your family member might be allergic to. Some allergic reactions can be as serious as causing death… so you might never know until your smart fridge kills you!

Killed by Your Pacemaker

If you have one of those ingenious smart pacemakers inserted into you, you will be marveling at how you can gain control over your cardiovascular system… until someone hacks the pacemaker and let you meet your death prematurely. This can be seen in a real-life example – as part of an experiment, a group of University of South Alabama students hacked iStan (a human body stimulation that mimics a real human online), and killed him. Of course, if iStan was using a paid proxy to hide himself from the hackers, maybe he wouldn’t have died.

Killed by AI

AI is all the rage these days. Just try checking out Product Hunt and you can see many of the tech tools these days are touted as AI-powered. What could have happened when smart devices become smarter than humankind? It is possible that these Al malicious devices will send crazy robots to wipe out our entire human race. Ok, this is a bit far-fetched but well, it happened in the movie – Terminator – so we shouldn’t never say it’s impossible!

Killed by Your Smart Car

Uber and Google already has self-driving cars on the road, and the Business Insider predicts that there will be 10 million self-driving cars on the road by 2020. No matter how smart your self-driving car is, an accident is an accident. Your car can prevent itself from crashing into other vehicles, but it cannot prevent others from crashing into yours. Imagine you having a great time singing inside your self-driving car, and not noticing that a group of 20 students crossing the road in front of you. Your smart car has to make a decision – veer left and kill 20 kids or veer right and drive straight into a tree that would kill you. What do you think your smart self-driving car will do? Go figure!