stop google tracking android

You go to a restaurant or shopping at the store. When you arrive home, you get a message on your phone saying “Hey, we noticed you were at (fill in the blank). Tell us about your visit.” How uber-creepy is that? Your phone knows where you just were. And, more likely than not, so could a lot of other people.

Would you like to stop Google from tracking your android devices?

Google Accounts

Whether you knew it or not, you are being tracked, each and every day, by Google. Your Google searches, Gmail habits, location history, online purchases, and YouTube activity is being tracked every minute. The big G is collecting your data – if indeed you have a Google account. You can shop anonymously, and stop this tracking, by following a few of the suggestions discussed below.

The Cookie Monster

No, this is not the adorable blue beastie that you saw on Sesame Street. These days, cookies are used by Google for tracking.

Stored on your android device after being sent to your browser, each time you visit a website, are small data files known as cookies. In a way, cookies can be your friend because they help load websites on your device faster, due to the fact that websites will remember you visited before.

However, you must beware! Cookies are spies – particularly tracking cookies. They report back to their parent organization where you’ve been and who you’ve visited the most. Advertisers love this stuff!

Location History – Delete It

The steps needed for most of these deletions are pretty similar, but we will reiterate again and again: sign in at my Choose “more actions”, “activity controls”, and then “manage activity”. What you will then see is a Google map and timeline. On the menu, tap “more actions” and start deleting location histories.

Google Tracking Tools – Turn Them Off

Your online activity (i.e., searches, browsing history, etc.) are tracked and stored by Google in your Google account. But this process can be controlled, and even stopped. You will sign into your account at You will then choose “more actions” and then “activity controls”. Now turn everything to “off”, or just switch off certain things. The choice is yours.

Delete Activities Such As Searches

Google has stored your data. To delete it you will need to once again sign into, go to “more actions”, and then the ” activity control” page. One at a time, delete each activity’s data.

Ad Data – Control It

If you want true privacy, even if ads are tailored to your personal tastes, opt out of receiving them. Into the Google search bar, type in “settings”. Choose “Google” from the scroll down menu, and then “ads”. Pick the “on” position for the “opt out of ads personalization” option. You should now be able to shop with privacy.

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