dangers free proxies

Proxy servers provide a lot of benefits to the end user. With free versions widely available online, anyone can be easily tempted to opt for one. You can easily pick free proxies and forget about getting the paid ones. Did you know that there are dangers associated with the use of these ‘freebies’? Let us go over those dangers to help you understand better.

Not All Free Proxies Provide the Level of Anonymity You Want

A lot of Internet geeks out there use proxies, in general, to help maintain online anonymity. While this can be the case at times, take note, that not all free proxy servers provide that level of anonymity that you are looking for. There are three major types of proxies, each with distinct characteristics on how they can help hide your identity.

The first one is called the anonymous proxy, one that may not convey your IP address to the destination, but headers identify it as a proxy. Another is the caching proxy, which forwards all pieces of information related to the IP address with no intention of giving the privacy that you want. Last but not the least, an elite proxy, which allows you to get through even if some destination servers block proxies. With all these in mind, you need to consider the proxy’s reliability, policies, and performance, regardless whether you are getting a free proxy or a private proxy.

Free Proxies Come with Zero Fine Print

Just because they are free does not mean that the entities running them will not gain any income from the deal. Most free proxies are ad-supported, which gives you more reasons to feel that you are in danger when using one. Other websites, however, combine free and paid options for their clients. With this option, you will be offered free access to the proxy within a limited period of time. Once you have decided you need the service for a longer time, then you have to pay for the service.

Some People Run Free Proxies for a Different Motive

Admit it or not, there are people who offer these products to entice you to use their services while they also benefit from you. The most terrible motive behind running free proxies with malicious intent. Some proxies end up stealing passwords, injecting malwares, and redirecting links. Before you even know it, you have become a victim.

Other Risks of Using Free Proxies

Any type of proxy that does not respect users’ privacy will change or grab data that you have entered through the server. This is one risk you want to avoid especially with a free proxy. Additionally, you can consider performance and reliability issues too with a free proxy because it does not have enough resources to invest in bandwidth.

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