facebook proxies

Have you heard of geo-blocking before? Whether you are familiar with this term or not, chances are you have experienced it on the Internet in some form. From blocked streaming services to YouTube videos to blocked websites, geo-blocking is one of the most common ways to set up Internet restrictions around the globe. With that in mind, certain countries have banned access to popular social networking sites such as Facebook. These countries include North Korea, Iran, Bangladesh, and most notably China (excludes Macau and Hong Kong). If you are travelling to one of these countries, and want to continue using Facebook, you should consider using Facebook proxies.

About Facebook

Facebook, Inc. is a major social networking website with more than 1.23 billion monthly active users around the globe. The platform allows its users to share news, post links, share photographs, post comments, and share other interesting content on the web. The website also offers a live chat feature and the option to post short-form videos (i.e. Facebook stories). Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin. At first, Facebook was created as a school-based social network for Harvard University. Soon after its initial launch, its user base grew steadily.

Facebook then experienced exponential growth in 2006 when it opened its doors to individuals who were 13 years or older. It overtook MySpace in no time. The site’s success can be attributed to its user-friendliness and X factor that attracted both businesses and individuals. Additionally, Facebook also had the ability to interact with sites around the web. For example, you can login to multiple sites via your Facebook account.

What is Geo-Blocking?

As mentioned, geo-blocking is a method used by websites and companies around the world to ensure that only a specific audience in a specific geographic location has access to a service or content. The website determines your geographical location by identifying or checking your device’s IP address.

What Caused Facebook to be Blocked in Certain Countries?

Let’s use China as an example. In 2009, there were a series of riots in Xinjiang. In order to prevent the perpetuation of the riots via social network, the government decided to restrict access, i.e. the banning of Facebook. Access to the social networking site has been restricted ever since. It is understood that the Chinese government also wants to control content on the Internet. These restrictions affect both company-generated and user-generated content. Because the government cannot control the content of servers located outside of China, the only choice was to ban access. Although Mark Zuckerberg made several visits to China in the past, a compromise has yet to be announced.

Your Guide to Geo-Dodging with Facebook Proxies

If you are travelling to a Facebook-restricted country, you can set up Facebook proxies to send your loved ones updates with ease. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Visit Proxy Key and choose U.S. when you are asked to choose a place.
  • Step 2: Pick a plan (you can go with the 1 Proxy plan) and sign up.
  • Step 3: After you have signed up, details of your proxy will be sent to you.
  • Step 4: Copy and paste the given IP address and the port number into your proxy settings.
  • Step 5: If you are unsure, you can refer to this tutorial on how to enter the settings.
  • Step 6: Once your proxy is all set up, visit Facebook, and view, post and share content like there were no restrictions in the first place.