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Protecting privacy on social media is a major concern for many individuals in this day and age of Internet buying, bidding, browsing, battling (online games), and more.

Issues with Social Networking

More and more, Internet users are receiving alerts that warn them of a “possible breach” and advising them to change their passwords immediately. It has happened with Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Can we no longer post without worrying about identity theft? Is there a way to make our information more private? Are Internet users irresponsibly over sharing? Can we stop these social data breaches? The following are tips that, if followed, can help protect the social media user’s privacy, information, etc.

Stay Away from Phish Bait

“There is a problem with your account!” How many of us have seen that flashing across our computer screen? Of course, we immediately panic. And in our panic, we are quick to “fix the problem by clicking here”. Unfortunately, that is the last thing we should be doing! You end up downloading, onto your system, viruses and other malware.

Some of these sites go so far as to give you a supposed account with a fake login page. You enter your password and your username (in all probability, those which you use most often), and – just like that – everyone has them for their own nefarious use.

These also come in the form of emails which should be deleted before you even think about opening them.

Avoid Geo-Tagging

Geo-tagging: Making the announcement (over the Internet) that you’re at Disneyland, or camping for the weekend at Yellowstone, or some other location where you’ll be spending a good amount of time. This alerts the entire world that you’re not home. This is the stuff that dreams are made of for would-be thieves. The same can be said for patterns. If you frequently go somewhere every day, or the same day every week, and make that known on the Internet, it clues people in to when you won’t be home.

Don’t Go with Default Settings

When it comes to privacy settings, settling for default settings is a mistake. Customize your privacy settings, whether it’s on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or something else.

Two Factor Authentication and Strong Passwords

The only thing that stands between the bad guys and your private data is a simple password. Scary isn’t it? And if you use the same password over and over again, your predictability could lead to the infiltration of numerous accounts. Creating impossible to remember passwords that are uncrackable is the key. How will you remember all your passwords? This can be handled for you with a password manager which not only remembers your passwords but can generate complicated passwords for each and every one of your accounts. They will change periodically and each one will be different.

The Biggest and Best Solution – Proxies

If you truly want to protect your privacy and filter your Internet usage, consider using a proxy. By contacting Proxy Key, you can shop the available proxies and decide which best serves your interests, needs, etc. By using a proxy, prying eyes, try as they might, will not be able to view you or your information. Keep your privacy private!

Proxy Key can protect you whether you’re checking out multiple websites, writing SEO material, shopping, playing games – whatever your Internet activity. Check out some of our reviews by clicking here. You’ll see, for yourself, how pleased our clientele are with our services.