proxy errors

It is frustrating to find out that the proxy settings previously set in place, timed out in the middle of the night. To your disappointment you find that a few connections burned out. Experiencing dead proxies can be frustrating and you start to wonder what you did wrong. If you have been experiencing dead proxies, there are a number of reasons why this is happening. Let’s check the top causes of proxy errors.

Home Network Connection

The first thing to check when you experience a proxy error is to check your Internet connection. Check if you can access your email or browse the web. What most proxy users don’t know is that if they use the software too aggressively, that upsets the ISP. When the ISP is upset it will disable, suspend or throttle the actual network connection.

To run a quick test, first turn off the proxy software, the router, modem and PC. Make sure that anything that has association to Internet connection or proxies is turned off. Then, power up everything starting with the PC, then the modem and then the router.

Check if the Internet is operating properly.  After you have verified that the Internet is working normally, turn on the proxy applications. To know if the proxy is working properly, test with a single proxy. Once you confirm it is working, load up the rest of the proxies.


Most people who use proxies already know that they need to disable any firewalls installed in their PCs. Antivirus software when turned on can kill a proxy network that was running in the background. However, some antivirus software finds a way to turn themselves on and they cause all the proxy connections to be severed. Check if all the firewalls are running and if they are, ensure that you disable them immediately.

Router Settings

Some routers come with firewalls. Firewalls as discussed before severe proxy connections. Check the router manuals and log into the router via a web browser. Using the web-based GUI, one should be able to reach the settings and check if there are any checked firewalls. If there are no firewalls checked, one should continue to work through the settings to see if any ports are blocked. In case you find any ports blocked, unlock them.

Dynamic IPs IP Authentication

Another cause of proxy errors is having a dynamic IP address. What does this mean? For a proxy provider to authenticate your proxies, they need your original IP address which they use to enable the proxies specifically for you. There are two types of IP addresses: Static and Dynamic. Static IP remains the same while dynamic IPs change frequently. If you have a dynamic IP, it will change which means the IP that you used to authenticate your proxies will no longer be the same. To know whether your IP is static or dynamic, you need to ask your ISP to verify. If you have a dynamic IP you can ask your ISP to change it to static or you have the option to ask a proxy provider to help you switch to username/password authentication.

Other Causes Of Proxy Errors

  • Putting a check mark on the “Automatically Disable Bad Proxies on Use” setting
  • Setting threads too high or ping time too low
  • Host errors
  • Dead proxies