This Service Level Agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between the person or entity using the Company’s Services (“Customer”) and Proxy Key (“Company”) and applies to Customer’s use of the Company’s Services. The Company may amend this Agreement at any time by posting a revised version on its website.

1.  Services

For purposes of this Agreement, the services to be provided by the Company (“Services”) are those services which Customer requested be supplied by the Company and for which Customer agreed to pay based on Customer’s clicking through the options on the Company’s website.

2. Technical Support

Technical support for customers is handled by our Help Desk Support system which is found inside the Customer’s admin area. Help Desk tickets will be answered by the end of the next business day. The Company does not provide support for web applications, third party software, scripts, or components from third parties or developed by Customer.

3. Server Uptime

Server Uptime, as tracked by third-party, is guaranteed to exceed 99.9% monthly average.

4. Customer’s Responsibilities

The Customer is expected to:

  • Be knowledgeable in proxy usage and possess the ability to utilize the product for his/her purpose given the proxy IP address, port, and username/password.
  • Report any issues or trouble of service through the Help Desk system, and provide all applicable information that allows Proxy Key to properly troubleshoot the issue (i.e. screenshots).
  • Use the product in accordance to United States law and all other applicable governing bodies.
  • Securely store your proxy information to avoid any unauthorized activity.

5. Penalty For Non-Compliance

If the Company does not meet its obligations as defined above, the Customer may request a refund for the month’s service. A request must be filed via Help Desk within three (3) business days after the month’s end, for the previous month’s services. For example, you may file a refund request for April’s services on May 2nd.