Uptime matters!

We know that your time is precious, and it is important to us to preserve it. Want proof? Just look at our 99.92% historical uptime. We have engineered a revolutionary solution that allows us to minimize downtime on our servers in order to get you the best possible service.

3,704 DAYS
Lifetime Uptime 99.992%
Monthly Uptime 99.998%

Downsize the Downtime

Our unique software monitors every server’s status in real-time. The majority of server performance issues are resolved automatically, with no waiting period.

Other Proxy Providers

Server Issue Duration:

Detection: 5-20 Min (Manual) Reaction: 1-20 Min (Manual) Long Downtime

Proxy Key

Server Issue Duration:

Detection: Realtime (Auto) Reaction: Instant (Auto) Almost No Downtime