say no to free proxies

Issues of privacy and censorship have prompted many internet users around the world to search for ways to access the content they want to see, read and hear, while maintaining their own anonymity in the process. One tool which is commonly used for this purpose is free proxies. However, while these services may seem alluring, here are some reasons why you should avoid them.

The Information You Provide Can Be Sold For Profit

When free proxy servers are used, the provider will often be able to monitor the things you search for, and will keep logs of the websites you visit. One reason they do this is that having such information at their fingertips is extremely valuable, as they can be sold to companies that are interested in purchasing the data. This of course defeats the purpose of why you’re using the proxy.

Free Proxies Are Ridiculously Slow

The saying that you get what you pay for is true when it comes to proxies that are free. Those who have used them will instantly notice how much slower they are than surfing the internet normally. Pages take a long time to load, if they load at all. The reason for this is because a free proxy is often used by large numbers of people simultaneously, which means that the bandwidth is being shared among multiple users which slows everything down. Paid proxies, in contrast, provide much greater speeds, because they are used by fewer people and the provider has the funds to provide better service.

You Won’t Get Any Customer Support

Proxies which are made freely available are notorious for having all sorts of technical issues, and of course, there is no one to talk to when this happens. Why should there be? You’re not paying for the service after all, which means the provider doesn’t have the funds to hire a customer service team. With a paid proxy service you will almost always get some form of customer support, a human you can talk to if there is a problem.

You Could Be Framed

A large number of people using a single proxy simultaneously means that various activities are being performed, some which are legal, others which may not be. The trouble with such proxies and the internet in general is that it can be tedious to separate who is doing what. As a consequence, it isn’t unusual for people to have their systems compromised or be hacked while using these services, and in some cases the group or individual that provides the proxy themselves may be hackers that are gathering information for their own nefarious purposes.

While no one wants to spend more money than is necessary, if you’re serious about maintaining your privacy online you should consider using a paid service. You will get better speed, customer support, and the provider is much more likely to safeguard your viewing habits as opposed to a free service that won’t.