private proxies

Search Engine Optimization is becoming a difficult game, regardless of the use of proxies. However, against all the odds, one can still influence their website rankings by employing private SEO proxies, which are used by marketers to scrape for information or perform multiple queries. Proxies are important to prevent banning of your IP, due to performing multiple queries. Earlier, backlinks were created using proxies, but the returns have diminished over time.

How To Make Use Of Proxies?

Building backlinks in a safe way without hampering the position of your website is the most crucial part. Private proxies should be used to create backlinks for 2nd tier domain that are redirected to your homepage. In order to give a more natural structure, this is the safest way, unlike PBN backlinks. Say for instance, if you are creating backlinks for a blog that is relatively new and has only few articles, it looks artificial. Irrespective of the SEO tools and proxies you are using, such a blog can be easily penalized. However, if you are using authority domains that are recognized by Google, you are well on track.

What Are Second Tier Backlinks?

Backlinks from authority websites are links redirected at your main website from SEO-friendly pages. It’s like a guest post on an authority website. On-page SEO is really helpful in ranking your website high in the order. Moreover, you can develop a backlink structure linking to these articles in a more natural way by using proxies. As the pages with relevant content are a part of website that is considered authentic by Google, your link buildup looks original as well. Using private proxies, you can easily populate the web with forum posts and bloc comments linking to second-tier authority website.

Spread Content Using Proxies

Content is the real king, when it comes to practicing effective SEO techniques. This is all that should matter in use of proxies. You should have some quality niche related content to populate it with links redirecting to your website. Proxies should not be used at this stage. The next step is to manually search for authority domains and websites that allow posting of content. It can be anything from YouTube videos to niche related forums, since these domains have a perfect on-site SEO.

For any particular content, either an article or a forum thread, your target keywords can be inserted in the title, body, link and meta-description. This makes the domain ideal for indexing purpose, and creating website backlinks. This is where proxies come into play, which can be used to look for relevant forums and blogging platforms to create second-tier backlinks. Additionally, one should also look for relevant articles, which can be linked to your forum threads. All the backlinks pointing at your second tier website will eventually link to your main page.

Results can be cataclysmic, if proxies are not used with a safe methodology. However, by making use of authority websites as second tier backlinks, you can successfully build backlinks through proxies.