phishing BEC threats

The primary weapon of choice for cyber hackers is malicious email, with phishing on top of the list. The cyber criminals are utilizing social engineering to trick businesses into wiring huge amounts of money into the accounts. It’s becoming difficult to spot these attacks in the age of social connections. BEC is another serious threat, with the attackers carrying out these frauds by continuously honing their skills to exploit the weaknesses of victims.

One way to protect the organizations is to inform them of the threat beforehand, prior to them being deceived by a false sense of urgency. Phishing and BEC threats are on the rise, and there is an urgent requirement of remaining educated. It takes only one person from the organization to fall victim and mishandle sensitive data.

Educating Your Staff Is A Priority

Regardless of how strong your spam filter is, a malicious email can penetrate through it, with your last leg of defense being the organization’s staff. It is imperative that your employees are well aware of the risks involved. eLearning courses are cost-effective and efficient method of educating your staff with minimal disorder. The course gives a proper understanding of phishing scams, reducing the chances of compromising with confidential data. It helps the employees in detecting phishing attacks, explaining what would happen in case they fall victim, and shows them how they can alleviate the threat.

Make Use Of Adaptive Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a good measure of security, but adaptive authentication offers high level of security across any device, identity and application. It is up to 3,000 times more secured than 2FA alone, and it’s also user-friendly. Passwords can be detrimental to usability and security, as phishing campaigns often attempt to steal credentials. This is one layer of vulnerability that is eliminated by adaptive authentication.

The prime target for business email compromise is Office 365, with more than 3/4th of deployments having at least 1 account compromised per month. Implement adaptive authentication solution for Office 365 with features likes MFA DDoS prevention, SMS phone fraud prevention and pre-authentication access controls permits you to automate remediation and response activities.

Performing Security Audits

Security audit is an important measure to assess the state of your security posture, so you can ascertain required steps to strengthen it. The best place to start is penetration testing, which analyses the security of IT infrastructure by trying to utilize vulnerability. Conducting frequent tests allows you to assess security weaknesses in end-user behavior, SCADA systems, IoT devices, networks, servers and applications. Knowing your possible vulnerability allows you to adapt policies and systems, be nicely prepared and reduce time expenditure on remediation.

The most important element to any security posture is to make sure that employees are well aware of the risks and are equipped to evade them. The employees should be aware of the reasons behind security policies, making it easier for them to meet the terms. Setting up appropriate tools such as single sign-on or adaptive authentication makes it convenient for employees to go in the right direction.

It is about time you start taking measures to avoid becoming a victim of phishing and BEC threats. A smart solution is to protect your online identity with private proxies. You can be sure that they work seamlessly with any modern web browsers.