Cyber Attack

When a serious incident like a cyber-attack strikes, the primary objective for the organization is to get back to normal business with little disorder in their daily operations. The tips below will help you fully assess the incident and prevent the attackers from continuing their suspicious activities.

Be Ready

Any organization should be prepared to deal with cyber security incidents head-on. It should have all the necessary details, skills, capabilities and materials to do this effectively. A cyber-attack can take place without any prior warning.

Perform Comprehensive Backups

Keep track of everything that happens during the course of an incident, from investigation through recovery. When and how the breach was identified, when the response started and what steps were taken for recovery; everything should be accounted for.  You never know what sort of evidence you might need and when you may need it.

Don’t Switch Off Your IT Equipment Unless Told To Do So

Your main objective is probably business continuity followed by limiting the potential damage. Turning off the machines or the servers may give an edge to the attackers or destroy important data required for post-incident investigation. You may only need to disconnect from the network.

Gain More Knowledge About The Incident

Make sure to know everything you should know about the incident, before proceeding with the recovery. Although it can be done in phases, you don’t want to waste your time, only to find out that the attackers still have another route to infiltrate your system.

Preserve The Evidence

Based on the type of incident you encountered, you may have to engage legal assistance, and for that, you will need well-detailed evidence. It also helps to know how and when to take precautions, in order to avoid these kinds of attacks in the future.

Inform Relevant Authorities

People, who should know about the incident, must be informed via proper communication mediums. Stakeholders need to be informed so that they can find the best way to respond to a recent cyber attack. As the investigation progresses, it is important to avoid revealing confidential details about the security team’s capability. You should keep users informed so they don’t come up with their own assumptions.

Learn From The Incident

Evaluate how the incident was handled and where enhancements could have been made. Start implementing measures to minimize the impact of future, potential attacks. Refer to your Incident Response Plan and upgrade it if required so that you are all set the next time you face such an issue.

Regardless of how mature your security system is, any organization is likely to suffer a cyber attack at some point of time. Being fully prepared and knowing how to respond gives you an advantage to tackle the issue beforehand. This in turn ensures minimum disruption to your business.

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