ios 10 keep information safe

Apple has its fair share of amazing aspects as well as epic misses. Just take iOS 10 as an example. The iOS 10 update offers tons of cool features that were not available in previous versions. However, not all users are agreeable with the new data collection practices and usage. If you want to keep your information safe on iOS 10, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out more.

How to Remove Text Messages that Shouldn’t Re-Surface

For starters, iOS 10 is designed to save your text messages pretty much forever. This is not too bad if you need to store important information temporarily. However, some individuals may not be so comfortable knowing that a really private conversation that had happened four years ago still sits inside the chat archive, available for anyone to find.

If you want to play it safe, simply head over to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages. You can choose to save your messages for 30 days or a year. Next, you may need to delete all other messages that do not fall within this timeframe via a popup.

How to Prevent iOS 10 from Sharing Your Location

If you do not usually use iOS 10’s Find My Friends option and have not turned it off, it will continue to track of your friends and family, and you. If you are not too comfortable with that idea, and do not like Apple secretly tracking your location, it is time to disable this feature. You just need to go to Settings and tap on Privacy. Once in, proceed to disable the option called Share My Location.

How to Deactivate Location-Based Services

One of Apple’s functions is to display ads and other relevant information based on your current location. Even with its occasional usefulness, the disadvantages still outweigh the benefits it provides. There are three items in this category, and they are known as location-based alerts, location-based alerts, and location-based suggestions. The first one has been explained, so let’s move on to alerts. This feature works by leveraging on geographic positioning to remind a user to call someone when they arrive at a certain destination. Next, location-based suggestions many recommend an app to install or task you may like to do at a specific location.

The thing that worries most people is the amount of data Apple is collecting about them, i.e., where they are going etc. You can keep your information safe by navigating to Privacy > Location Services > System Services and disabling these location-based services.

How to Turn Off Parked Location Feature

iPhones can tell their owners where they last parked. This feature comes in handy if you forgot where your car is located. If you are not comfortable with your device recording virtually every place you have visited, you will find that this feature is pretty creepy. How do I turn it off? Simply head to your Settings option in the Map app. Find the Show Parked Location option located at the bottom and uncheck it.

How to Ensure Your Deleted Photos are Really Deleted

iOS 10 automatically deletes your deleted photos after 30 days. It is true that this is a useful feature, especially when you have accidentally deleted a few important images. However, such mistakes rarely happen. If you leave private images untouched in the Recently Deleted folder, you are increasing the risk of allowing someone (perhaps a hacker) to find those private photos. If you do not want to become a victim of a nude scandal, you have to manually delete them twice; first from the Camera Roll in Photos and then a second deletion from the Recently Deleted Album.