Generally speaking, proxy servers are safe. However, legitimate proxies still get unfairly labeled as un-safe by some people. It really depends on what type of proxy server you choose to use because there are free proxy servers and private proxy servers. Let’s find out why free proxies are dangerous and why you should opt for private proxies instead.

The Problem with Free Proxies

For starters, free proxy server services have a plan to pull a profit from their investment. That’s why free proxies often develop highly ineffective and unimaginative plans for their users or paying customers. What’s more, free proxies often fill their users’ session with tons of advertisements. When these ads are clicked, income is generated for them. That’s why the ad-channel will always be faster than your connection.

Free proxies could also be operated by hackers or other malicious Internet users. If you end up using free proxies carelessly, you will give away your personal information. Do you really want to be a victim of credit card fraud, identity theft, or a hijacked computer that was used malicious online activities without your knowledge? If your answer is no, great! You are much better off using private proxies that are available at Proxy Key.

Private proxies are recognized as highly anonymous proxies. They are designed to protect your online identity and allow you to surf the web in private. If you are using a reputable proxy server service, your IP address and geographical location remains private. Target web servers will not even know you are using proxies. We can go on about sharing the benefits of using private proxies. If you want to know more, you are welcomed to contact the Proxy Key team.

How to Determine if a Proxy Server is Safe

Safe proxy servers do not leave any information or clues that it providing proxy server services. What’s more, the proxy provider will not show who it is protecting. Target website and servers only know that they are dealing with a proxy server. If you are seeking a reputable proxy provider, you should find out where the proxy site is hosted. Both the proxy site and hosting company must be reputable.

At Proxy Key, we were founded in 2006. Since our inception, we have been recognized as a leading proxy provider. You can rest assured that our private proxies provide highly anonymous IPs and can be used with any browser or software. With 99.92% historical uptime and super quick 1 GBPS speeds, you know you are in good hands.