Yes, you can use private proxies to bypass a network firewall. If you have been blocked by a network firewall, you can use a proxy to see if you can bypass it and access the target website. In most cases, the firewall is blocking your IP address or a specific IP range. At Proxy Key, we offer clean proxy IP addresses as well as IP ranges that are whitelisted.

How do Proxy Servers work?

Proxy servers can be thought of as applications that act as an intermediary between a target website and the user. These servers are usually deployed on corporate networks to provide a single point for Internet access as well as to cache data. Proxy servers should not be confused with anonymizer services as they run on a different protocol, which is used to communicate between the proxy server and its users.

The Dangers of using Free/Public Proxies

For starters, you may know who is running free proxies that are available on the Internet. These public proxies may capture sensitive and personal information without your knowledge. When it comes to proxies, you need to do thorough background checks to find out who exactly is running them and if there are any security policies in place.

Another thing you should be concerned about is spammer proxies. These proxies may be set up in someone’s residence in order to generate quick income through spamming proxy users with advertisements. They usually do this by inundating the web proxy browser with ads throughout the whole session. In addition, spam proxy operators do not allocate sufficient resources for a good connection speed to their users.

Why You should Opt for Proxy Key

Proxy Key has been a reputable provider of private proxies since 2006. We provide highly anonymous IPs and high performance servers that ensure 99.92% historical uptime. What’s more, our proxies are used by a wide range of businesses. Contact us today to find out more about our private proxies.