Social media marketing companies manage and maintain hundreds of social media accounts, all of which are used to meet the online marketing needs of their client. They often have to access different sets of social media accounts for their clients on different social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, almost every day.

These social media websites usually can detect unusual activity from a single IP address, especially when excessive queries are posted from one IP address. This can lead to account suspension and many other unwelcomed consequences. Using proxy servers can be a great solution to this impasse.

Case Study: Social Media Company

With our proxy service, Proxy Key has served many social media marketers to help them mitigate risks for their online operations. Here’s a unique case study that illustrates how proxy usage can benefit businesses that work in the social media management niche:

Client Profile

This client is a social media marketing company that manages a few Fortune 500 brands. With over 60 employees, they manage hundreds of social media accounts for more than 37 clients. This company is based in New York.


One of the interns working in this client’s company used a risky tactic (potentially black-hat) to gain followers on Twitter for one of their own clients. Unfortunately, they were marked spam and all their clients’ Twitter accounts managed by the client’s company were suspended. As a result, work came to a standstill and our client had a hard time rectifying the major hiccup.


Proxy Key promptly provided sets of clean proxy IPs to the SEO company. Each set of proxies had been GEO-mapped to the location of each client. Consequently, all the social media accounts were reinstated and this social media marketing company never encountered such a problem again.

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Using proxy servers to aid social media marketing is a great way to keep your campaigns running without compromising business operations. One bad impression made in business can negatively impact your profits so let our proxy service help you maintain a clean online reputation for your social media marketing company.

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