Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine result pages. By now, you should already know that proxy servers can act as an intermediate server between you and the target website. What is the reason for using proxies for SEO? When it comes to SEO, you may need to constantly use search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. If you end up posting multiple queries from the same IP address within a short period of time, the server of the search engine may consider you as spam. As a result, search requests from your IP address gets temporarily blocked. In most cases, you may be prompted to complete a CAPTCHA.

With that in mind, companies providing SEO services or companies that are doing SEO in-house can benefit from private proxies. Let’s find out more.

Case Study: SEO Company

Proxy Key has extensive industry experience in serving the SEO sector over the years. One of our clients included a reputed SEO company that had a nationally distributed clientele.

Client Profile

The client is a rapidly growing SEO company. Headquartered in California, the firm currently employs over 30 employees and has been in business for seven years. The company serves clients from different states in the country too.


The clientele of the SEO company had grown in recent years, and while it is based in California, its clients are spread across the country. When the client referred to the local keyword rankings, they would always see different search engine results from their location in California since they are not in the same geolocation as their clients.

This posed a major challenge in researching on the correct local keyword rankings for their clients and the company was also unable to track the targeted keywords that their own clients’ competitors were optimizing.


By using our dedicated proxy IP addresses, the company was able to check local keyword rankings for any keyword that their clients referenced in any of the 50 states, right from their California headquarters. The use of proxies also allowed the company to systematically check local rankings for targeted keywords for all its clients. These abilities gained via proxy usage helped the SEO company serve their own clients better and they had even recorded a 95.9% rate for retaining their customers.

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If you run an SEO business today, it is pertinent that you understand how beneficial a proxy service can be to your business operations. At Proxy Key, we have been providing SEO companies and other organizations performing keyword searches with high quality private proxy IPs for more than a decade.

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