Marketing intelligence refers to the act of gathering, analyzing and disseminating information that is relevant to a particular market segment. Marketing intelligence comprises four major components, namely product intelligence, competitor intelligence, market research and market analysis.

Gathering competitor data can be a challenging task as established competitors can detect unauthorized access from other corporate IP addresses and implement counter measures. In this case, the use of private proxy servers in gathering competitor information can be very useful.

Case Study: Hotel Chain

Proxy Key has collaborated with numerous businesses across industries. Here’s one of the case studies handpicked to demonstrate how our proxies actually helped this company in the hospitality industry to increase marketing intelligence.

Client Profile

The client runs a hotel chain and 4 world-class hotels and 3 resorts are run under the same brand name. The client has more than 500 employees in different nationwide locations as well.


The client was losing business to its competitors because these competing hotels adopted a more aggressive pricing strategy. As the competitors’ hotels offered cheaper rates, the client was experiencing a reduced influx of hotel guests, even during the peak season. The client then used one of their staff to check their competitors’ rates manually.

Now, all the searches originated from one single IP address and the competitor caught on, on what was going on. They then blocked our client’s corporate IP address and even displayed erroneous information to mislead our client. As a result, our client was not able to access the latest pricing data, and even when they could, the information was not accurate.


Our client used our proxies in a distributed manner, to anonymously check their competitors’ prices. As a result, the hotel chain was able to save company resources to a large extent, obtained precise results from their competitors and increased their market share in the hospitality sector.

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