Today, data still represents power and it can enable individuals and businesses to make smarter decisions. If the competitive intelligence of your business requires mining online data, you will need to ensure you access the data you need without getting blocked as it could cause a serious inconvenience.

Case Study: Real Estate Firm

Proxy Key private proxy solutions have been instrumental to helping companies gather competitive intelligence through data mining. Our proxies can help diversify your data mining activities over a large network of anonymous and clean IP addresses. You will be able to access a large volume of data in the most efficient and ethical way.

Client Profile

The client is a young real estate firm that employs more than 25 employees in New Jersey. It has a creative outlook towards the local property market and has run many physical marketing campaigns to promote its brand.


Although the client had a good start in the local property market, they were lagging behind its competitors in terms of web presence as it did not have a comprehensive real estate directory for users to search for properties. To generate business through online marketing, the company needed a website that would allow users to search the marketplace for available real estate. However, they were mining data manually from one IP address. What’s more, they could not access certain sites that cause them to lose out on important real estate data.


Proxy Key provided high quality proxies that allow the company to perform data mining from multiple sources. After our client’s website went live, our proxies enabled continual data mining to obtain up-to-date information in real time. Today, our client’s website featured comprehensive real estate data. The company has also reported tripling their profits in a short period of time.

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Our private proxies are the things you need to continue mining bigger volumes of data faster. What’s more, you can do so without leaving a trace of your corporate IP address. At Proxy Key, we also use the IP rotation technology for avoiding detection by target websites and servers.

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