If you manage a national company or a marketing company, which serves clients in diversified GEO areas, and are facing problems posting on local classifieds, you can overcome geolocation issues by using private proxy IPs.

Case Study: National Car Repair Franchise

Proxy Key understands that the issue of geolocation has to be overcome when posting local classifieds. Here’s a case study detailing the experience we had with a car repair franchise that has a nationwide presence.

Client Profile

The client is a leading car repair franchisor with a nationwide network of franchisees in 23 states. In addition, there were more than 600 outlets across the country. Their headquarters is based in California.


Classifieds posting was one of the most employed marketing tactics of this company because the results derived from this marketing strategy were very positive. That’s why the company instructed each of the franchisee to post classified ads in their local areas to attract more customers.

In a bid to curb operational expenditures as well as consolidate the marketing efforts, the company wanted to post classified ads for each location directly from their headquarters. However, some classifieds listing sites only accepted posts from local GEO-tagged IPs only. This meant that the company had to revert back to the earlier strategy of posting ads from different franchise locations, which did not support their marketing plan.


Proxy Key offered a set of private proxy IPs for each franchise, and the IP addresses were also geo-connected to the physical location of the branches. This way, the company could free all other branches from the task of posting on classified sites. That job was now handled by a specialized team at the headquarters. Consequently, the company enjoy major cost savings.

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Classified ad posting is a great marketing strategy for companies who have clients in diversified GEO areas. With our dedicated private proxies, you can be sure that you do not have to be limited by the issue of geolocation in your marketing outreach.

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