Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing module wherein a business shares profits with their affiliates. The share is generally decided upon the number of customers or visitors that the affiliates bring through their individual marketing efforts. The implementation of proxy servers in the affiliate marketing space has been fairly recent. Since the web audience is typically apprehensive of new websites, marketers have resorted to more effective promotional routes by tapping on proxy servers. Proxy server implementation also helps affiliate marketers cut through the clutter and use anonymity to further their cause.

Case Study: Affiliate Marketing Company

A vast majority of experts believe that the key to beating competition in a packed online space is through fostering alliances and partnerships. The idea of using proxies in affiliate marketing finds ground through this theory. When a business uses a proxy service, it basically creates an affiliate. Naturally, the interest spheres of the affiliates are concentric with that of the business. Proxy Key has been using the same strategy to boost the process of affiliate marketing for clients and here is an example:


The client is a notable affiliate marketing company based in San Francisco. They have been in the business for almost 5 years. The company has also successfully weaved affiliate marketing alliances with more than hundred other sites.


They implemented a marketing strategy whereby they purchased advertising space on multiple websites and networks for a locally driven affiliate campaign. Some networks promised specified ad space to the company for certain geolocations. However, the company had no way to verify if the networks were providing the promised space in the specific locations.


Proxy Key provided the company with high quality private proxies that were GEO-linked to the respective local area campaigns. As a result, the affiliate marketing company was able to verify proper GEO-targeting of its campaign. The client was also able to pinpoint which ads were not being delivered properly. This helped them to make significant cost savings for their campaign in the long term.

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Today, affiliate marketing has the potential to generate greater web revenue and its effectiveness has been attested to a growing community of online marketers. At Proxy Key, we support affiliate marketers by providing a vast collection of private proxy IP addresses to support their online activities.

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