Today, private proxy services benefits users who work in the marketing and business development industries. The benefits that proxy servers can provide include increasing marketing intelligence, handling SEO tasks efficiently, hassle-free data mining processes, and more. At Proxy Key, we offer clean and high quality private proxy IPs to all our clients. Using case studies, let’s take a further look at how private proxies can be applied to the areas mentioned above:

  • Marketing Intelligence

In today’s competitive market, your business needs to gather competitors’ information so that you can improve or price your own products and services better. However, well-established businesses know that web scraping is a common practice so they will either block your corporate IP address or mislead with incorrect information. By utilizing different proxies in a distributed manner, you can circumvent these issues.

  • SEO

If you run an SEO company, local rankings for target keywords are important to your clients but because of the geolocation of your IP address, you will get inaccurate results when you try to do local ranking research for your clients. Also, search engines can restrict the number of search results returned because of your geolocation. With Proxy Key’s proxy servers, you are able to triumph over the search engine limitations and obtain quick and accurate local ranking and keyword results, even when you are not in the same locality as your clients.

  • Social Media

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have their own set of regulations and metrics to observe suspicious activities in their users’ accounts. If you provide social media services, you should avoid using risky tactics to complete tasks for your customers. If any of those sites block your corporate IP address, it means all your clients’ accounts will be blocked as well.

  • Classifieds Posting

If traffic in Korea is more valuable for your business than in the U.S., posting in Korean classifieds listings would prove to be beneficial. However, you are having trouble posting ads on classifieds listings in different geographical locations. If so, you will probably need classifieds posting proxies. What’s more, you can use classifieds proxies as a means to control spam.

  • Data Mining

Data mining may entail a slow process and you can even risk getting blocked when you are sending a high volume of recurring requests from a single IP address. To achieve efficient data mining, you can use Proxy Key’s proxies to collect information faster by dispersing the requests through different IP addresses. We make sure that you can collect more data faster, avoid getting tagged as spam by targeted sites, as well as enjoy advanced web scraping control.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Our proxy service can help those working in the affiliate marketing industry in many ways. With proxies, you can keep track of public surfing to assess behavioral patterns, discover guerilla marketing and even tap on the proxy service as an affiliate so that you can promote multiple social media accounts to highlight the affiliate products that you are selling.

If you want to find out how your business can benefit from using private proxies, call or email us today!