When it comes to web development and other IT processes, web developers and IT technicians have to work with servers that control data. Oftentimes, these servers have fail-safes that can block access from specific IP addresses. Every web developer and IT specialist should have an extra static IP address in hand to enable access when one IP address gets accidentally blocked. What’s more, an alternative IP is also required to test server environments on a different IP.

Case Study: IT Department in a University

Proxy Key has worked with many independent web developers and web development firms as well as IT teams from different institutions. Here is one of the cases where we assisted an university’s in-house IT department to mitigate downtime and increase uptime while they worked on their IT projects.


The client is an IT department in one of the largest universities in the country based on student numbers. The computer network in the central library comprises hundreds of units and all the units interact with the same server.


A large number of devices are used on the server network, and the server would often get overloaded and had to be restarted. The other problem the IT department faced is that if anyone in the IT department got blocked from the server (i.e. by entering incorrect login details three times in a row), the IT technician would not be able to login to the server for up to one hour. This meant that the entire university would have its servers and databases inaccessible until the block was lifted. This unnecessary downtime had a large negative effect on the university’s operations and reflected badly on the IT team’s inability to prevent server outages.


By renting private proxies from us, this gave the IT department a backup IP address that they could use if their primary IP address ever got blocked. This way, the library’s and the university’s IT systems can continue functioning normally until the underlying issues are rectified.

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If downtime occurs during IT processes such as website maintenance, it could lead to loss of productivity and even money. At Proxy Key, we are fully aware of such problems and that’s why we provide a wide range of private proxy solutions.

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