Not being able to access a website can be pretty frustrating. For example, in some countries such as China and other countries in the Middle East, respective government bodies block access to certain content. If the content you are trying to access is actually legal, you can consider using private proxies to help you unblock websites.

Case Study: China-based Toy Business

Governments in different countries web censorship laws and more. At Proxy Key, we believe in a free Internet. Here’s how we helped a China-based business expand their operations abroad.

Client Profile

This client is situated in China and runs a small business in the toy industry. The company employs more than 50 workers and has its own factory and warehouse. They are a growing enterprise that has many expansion plans in place.


Although the client runs a successful local toy business in China, they have expansion plans that reach outside the borders of China. The client is already rapidly growing in the Chinese domestic market. In addition, they wanted to tap in to the US market as a part of their growth and expansion plan. However, the Chinese government has stringent web censorship rules in place, the business owner was not being able to access many international websites that are vital to the success of their international marketing campaigns. What’s more, they did not have the budget to setting up a branch office in the United States yet.


The business owner rented a private proxy from us and was able to gain access to target websites without any restrictions. Soon, the owner was able to start utilizing online marketing tools such as Facebook to get closer to his targeted customers in the US. Today, this China-based business owner has formed a small team to run his international outreach by also using a broader private IP range.

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