If you are seeking private proxy IPs to help enhance Internet security, look no further than Proxy Key. To understand how our private proxies benefit individuals and businesses, let’s take a look at the following case study.

Case Study: Business Executive Who Travels Often

Since our inception, Proxy Key has enabled secure connections for many of our clients who use public connections in places such as airports and cafes. Our proxy servers are particularly viable for businessmen and businesswomen who travel often and need to utilize public Wi-Fi connections.

Client Profile

The client is a business executive whose job scope involves attending bi-weekly meetings with his clients in different parts of the Asia region. In addition, he often spends his time in transit.


The client needs to remain online at extended periods of time. However, he only had access public connections to access the Internet. It was imperative that his business data remained confidential and is sufficiently protected from getting hacked.


We recommended that the client opt for our private proxy rental plans. Our private proxy servers are extremely secure and can send requests on the Internet on his behalf. This way, no one knows who he is and cannot steal any personal information, especially credit cards, login details, and more. Ever since our client started renting our private proxies, he experienced no headaches while connecting to the Internet in public places.

Work with Proxy Key Today to Secure Your Internet Connection in Public Places!

To enjoy complete peace of mind while surfing the Internet while traveling, simply connect to the Internet through our private proxy. We have been in the business for more than a decade. You can rest assured that we have the perfect private proxy solution for your personal and business needs.

Let us help you enjoy ironclad internet security with our private proxies today. Give us a call or email us if you have any question.