Proxy Key provides gaming proxies that can be used as intermediaries between the gamers and the gaming servers or websites. If you are an online gaming enthusiast, you can easily keep your identity hidden by using a private proxy.  You can rest assured that you can access target gaming sites and servers without revealing your real name, address, physical location, etc.

What’s more, private proxies can aid in enhancing game performance. Problems such as high latency or long load times could be a result of the gaming server located in a remote location. We have datacenters located worldwide and that allows our users to choose a more favorable GEO location to connect to.

Case Study: Professional Gamer

Proxy Key offers specialized proxy solutions for gamers who want to hide their identity during their online gaming session. Here’s how we helped a professional gamer improve his gaming speed by using private proxy servers:

Client Profile        

The client is a professional gamer who has participated in a number of international gaming competitions and has won high-profile gaming matches with his 5-man squad. The client has a high-end gaming system at home.


Despite having access to a relatively fast internet connection, the client was experiencing a slow, affected performance at times. This affected his practice sessions with his team members, and has left him extremely frustrated on more than one occasion.


When we were contacted to solve this issue, we discovered that the long ping times between the ISP and the gaming server was affecting the game’s speed. Next, we considered where the online game server is located, and we provided him a private proxy that near the target GEO area. Since then, the gamer was able to establish and maintain a solid connection between his ISP and the gaming server.

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If you are into professional gaming and plan to use private proxies to enhance your experience, it is important to rent them from reputable proxy providers like Proxy Key. What’s more, our private proxies have 99.9% uptime.