Due to the technologically advanced era that we are living in now, the Internet is needed to facilitate some criminal investigation procedures. However, online criminal investigation needs to happen in a tactful and discreet manner. One should be able to gather the evidence he or she needs without setting off alarms. With private proxies from Proxy Key, you can gather all the information you need online without compromising your online privacy and identity.

Case Study: Corporate Law Firm

Whether you are investigating a cyber bullying case, a website selling counterfeit branded goods or an intellectual property infringement case, Proxy Key can help you stay anonymous online while facilitating your investigations.

Client Profile

The client is a corporate law firm that specializes in solving cases that involve businesses not fulfilling their promises. They have been in the legal business for more than a decade and have a strong reputation for their tenacity in winning legal suits.


A customer had filed a class action lawsuit on a phone company that had advertised unlimited calling minutes. This happened because the customer was still charged for making phone calls. The law firm needed to gather enough evidence against the telecom company. Before they could retrieve logs of similar reported cases to verify the improper charges, their corporate IP addresses was blocked.


By using private proxy IPs, the law firm was able to gather records of improper charges without being passed off as abnormal activity. Since the investigation took place with the use of multiple proxy IPs, the telecom company did not suspect that any investigation was underway.

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Today, cyber crime investigation requires a certain degree of anonymity during the investigation process. Private proxy server solutions by Proxy Key are designed to enable anonymity and provide unrestricted access to target websites and servers.

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