Encryption and masking of your IP address is becoming more of a necessity than a choice today. To protect your identity and online privacy as well as gain unrestricted access to certain website content while browsing anonymously, encryption and masking is what you need.

Proxy Key offers the perfect solution for encryption and masking of IP addresses through our private proxy service. No matter where you are located, our private proxies can aid you in different applications at an affordable price. Below are the different areas wherein proxy servers can be used for encryption and masking:

Criminal Investigation

Today’s criminal investigations processes involve the need to gather online resources on the Internet to form pivotal evidence. Whether you are investigating a website for fraudulent charges, a cyber bullying case for a teenager or an elaborate phishing scheme, it is important to make use of proxy IPs. Private proxies can help you conduct your investigations discreetly without exposing your identity.

Unblocking Websites

In some countries, governments and regulatory organizations often pass legislation to monitor the Internet activities of citizens. Some social media sites and websites containing opinionated articles are blocked from public access. At Proxy Key, our proxies can help you circumvent these filters. Whether you want to use our proxy servers to gain access to overseas websites to increase your international business outreach or want to enjoy content that has been blocked due in your geolocation, our dedicated proxies will help you achieve those means without hassle.

Web Development & IT

Web development specialists and IT personnel might work on servers that might block access to certain IP addresses. Therefore, each web developer should have an alternate static IP address that can be used for server environment testing. In case, the primary IP address gets blocked, an extra static IP address can allow them to access the server and database. With private proxies from Proxy Key, you no longer need to worry about problems associated with blocked IP addresses.


Proxy Key can help to encrypt and mask your IP addresses to enable better gaming performance and experience via our gaming proxies. We manage dozens of datacenters worldwide, and that’s why you can easily find a proxy server that is near to your favorite gaming servers. Our gaming proxies can also be used effectively to safeguard your personal data and browsing information when you connect to the gaming servers or websites.

Internet Security

One of the biggest benefit of encrypting and masking your IP addresses is that you can attain a high level of internet security so that your browsing information stays confidential. If you access the Internet while on overseas business trips, a proxy server is highly effective in safeguarding your personal information and online privacy.