Private proxies allow you to bypass certain restrictions that your original IP address can’t. These proxies have picked up in popularity among email marketers, web marketers, and app marketers. They can send requests such as web search queries on your behalf. When it comes to proxy exclusivity, private proxies remain unmatched. While they can cost more than public or shared proxies, they are proxies tagged with dedicated IP addresses.

What are Private Proxies?

Private proxies, also commonly referred to as dedicated proxies, are proxies reserved for exclusive use. These proxies are closer to virgin proxies when it comes to functionality aspects. Virgin proxies, however, are a thing of the past now as American Registry for Internet Numbers announced officially in July 2014 that virgin proxies are no longer available – all proxies have been used at least once. However, private proxies last longer than shared proxies and are commonly used by SEO experts and email marketers.

Common Uses of Private Proxies

Private proxies are commonly used in:

  • Data harvesting
  • Multiple registrations on same site, forum or network
  • Running GSA SEO Ranker and Scrapebox
  • Checking SERP
  • Posting in online communities under pseudonyms

Salient Benefits of Private Proxy Servers

  • Private proxy speeds

If you are a professional and a great deal of your work has to be performed online, proxy speed is one area that needs your special attention. As far as proxy server speed is concerned, private proxies are a clear winner. These proxies are way faster than shared or public proxies, and that’s why there’s zero congestion on the proxy server. You are the only user of the server and it is dedicated to you. Simple!

  • Choosing a dedicated geographic location

Dedicated proxy servers also allow users to choose their addresses. For instance, if you want to post anonymously from Berlin, the proxy server can allow you to customize the address. Alternatively, if you are trying to act as a UK person posting on a forum or blog, you can also arrange this with this type of server. You can also set your location as a vast geographic area.

  • Application-specific proxy requirements

Some applications work much better when they are run on a private proxy server. If some of your applications won’t run unless you are using a private proxy server, it’s best to get one.