Proxy exclusivity determines whether the proxy is used by one or more users. Exclusivity of a proxy should be checked before renting it. For security reasons, it is ideal for a particular proxy to be exclusive to you. Here is an overview of different types of proxy servers based on level of exclusivity.


Public proxies, also known as open proxies, allow virtually anyone to connect to the proxy server. Instead of going through private network tunnels through which safe proxy servers usually operate at, these proxies are available in the public domain and anyone can use a public proxy server for free. You will find many websites that roll out public proxies for free use. However, these proxies burn out really fast and are dangerous.


Shared proxy servers are a set of private proxy IPs shared among a group of users. There is a possibility that these proxies virgin proxies before they were used. Shared proxies are more durable than public proxies and are actually a tad more exclusive than the publicly shared proxies. These proxies are costlier than the public ones, but they are a lot cheaper than the private or dedicated ones.

People who are into game testing or use a lot of automated tools prefer to use these proxy servers. Normally, you won’t find any guarantee on the longevity of these servers as these actually burn out much faster than private proxies. These are recommended for people who want to use the web anonymously and look to bypass censorship and web filters. You can also sustain a geo-specific shared proxy server for quite some time. Live stream viewers and YouTube users mostly prefer this type of proxy.


Private proxies are also dubbed as dedicated proxies and can be virgin IPs set for exclusive use. However, American Registry for Internet Numbers announced in July 2015 that they are not in a position to fulfill any new IPv4 requests (private proxies are usually IPv4 IP addresses). Still, the private proxies you will find on Proxy Key are completely clean in terms of function and performance , and are near equivalent to virgin proxies.

100% virgin proxies are officially out of stock now, and private proxies are usually used by web and application developers. These proxies last really long and you can get great value for your money by renting these proxies. These proxies are highly recommended for web-based automation services as well as email marketers.

Public, Shared, Private Proxies – Key Differences

Proxy Exclusivity Cost Privacy Longevity Uses
Private Low Low Low Customized private proxies used by internet marketers
Share Average Average Average Game testing, bypassing censorship, live streaming
Public Very High Very High Very High Web based automation services, email marketing