A highly anonymous proxy is an excellent solution to circumventing websites and networks that have been blocked in your physical location. This type of proxy has the highest security level. It does not just hide your IP, but also conceals the fact that you are using a proxy server. If you are accessing a website or network through this type of proxy server, the server will think that you are accessing it directly. What’s more, they will believe that the IP address they see belongs to you.

How Does a Highly Anonymous Proxy Work?

Unlike anonymous and transparent proxy servers, highly anonymous proxy does not send HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_VIA. Instead, it displays only REMOTE_ADDR = Proxy IP address, HTTP_VIA = blank and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR = blank. That’s why the web server only knows that you are accessing the website or network via a single IP address.

Are Highly Anonymous Proxies Secure?

Yes, these proxies can be very secure if it is set up and run by people that have the right technical expertise. No matter what proxy service you use, using a poorly configured proxy is much worse than not using a proxy. Hence, it is pertinent that you choose the right proxy provider.

At Proxy Key, we create a dedicated user account for you to run your chosen proxy server in. It does not have other functions, rights, or permissions applied. That’s why it protects the proxy server, the logs, and your user data. When you need to use a highly anonymous proxy and want to ensure it is truly secure, look no further than Proxy Key. You can rest assured that we give our clients secure IP addresses to use. Do you know that more than 90% of the free proxies you find online won’t be set up like this?

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