Can other Internet users see your IP address? Do you feel uneasy because it can be seen? You may want to consider using a proxy server. Here is a brief roundup on proxy anonymity classifications for you to understand the different levels of anonymity. Proxy anonymity level is classified into three categories: transparent, anonymous, and highly anonymous.


Transparent proxy servers replace your computer’s IP address with theirs. However, your system’s IP address can be revealed if the target web server wants to find out who is accessing their web pages. How? When you access a website through the proxy server, the target website can retrieve your actual IP address from the request you have just sent.

Transparent proxy servers are way faster than anonymous or highly anonymous servers. If you are trying to circumvent local firewall, transparent proxies are recommended.


Anonymous proxy servers, true to their name, do not pass on any information related to your IP address. This means that you can surf the web while staying unnoticed. Nobody knows exactly where you are located, and that’s why they cannot gain access to your personal information. Target websites and their server still know that you, the visitor, are using a proxy. Mobile WAP internet users are required to use a proxy server. That’s why using anonymous proxies do not equate to getting involved in questionable online activities.

Highly Anonymous

Highly anonymous proxy servers or elite servers, have the most advanced security features compared to other proxies. They come with all the privacy advantages of anonymous servers and more. These servers can hide the fact that you are actually using a proxy server.

Transparent, Anonymous, Highly Anonymous – Key Differences

IP Anonymity Level Hides IP Reveals Proxy Usage Fact Speed Privacy Level Purpose
Transparent No Yes High Low To bypass local firewall settings, to download files from file hosts, and to increase hits on website hits counter
Anonymous Yes Yes Average Average All of the above and for anonymous browsing
Highly Anonymous Yes No Low High Used to achieve and maintain maximum online privacy