A web proxy is a website that runs a software program that allows users to access other websites through its website. It is pretty similar to internet proxies as it downloads the website the user requests and presents it to the user without needing a direct user connection to the target website.

Web proxies have their fair share of disadvantages, starting with the fact that they operate on a shared IP address. They also inform target websites that a web proxy site is used. They have limited capabilities. For example, they do not feature JavaScript or HTTPS. What’s more, they are generally slower. With that in mind, web proxies are generally PHP script based or CGI based.

As for the advantages, web proxies provide easy and quick solutions to hide your IP address while surfing the Internet. Since they do not require any special software installation, they offer portable access to users. Their usability is comparable to that of search engines; you enter website URLs instead of keywords.

Web Proxy Features

The functionalities and features of web proxies can vary exponentially. For example, SSL security is only provided by advanced web proxies, where communication between the proxy and the user is encrypted. Basic variants may or may not provide such features. SSL allows users to bypass restrictions set by certain websites hosted in a particular country. Other advantages provided by web proxies can include removal of advertisements, management of cookies and setting user agents.

Types of Web Proxies

A popular web proxy PHP script is Glype. Glype is a PHP written proxy script that focuses on functionality. Here are some other web proxy scripts for your reference:

  • PHP Web Proxy

PHP based HTTP Proxy or Web Proxy hides or protects your main server by downloading web pages from the target server. This web proxy is beneficial for those who require indirect access to a server or a web page.

  • PHProxy+

PHProxy+ is different from other web HTTP proxies as it comes with PHP programmed SSL support. This is used to bypass system and network firewalls to access blocked websites. Whichever resource allows access to the server with this script, will also allow access to the user.

  • PHP Proxy

The PHP Proxy is among the simplest of web proxies. While it is good for casual Internet surfing, they are unable to bypass rigid firewalls.

  • Proxy Script

Proxy Script was made for Internet users who have little or no technical knowhow. You can use it for free but may also be littered with advertisements.

  • CGI Proxy

The CGI script can be an FTP, HTTPS or HTTP proxy. Any resource that can be accessed through its main server can be retrieved with this web proxy. The proxy is useful for circumventing restricted access issues. In addition, you also enjoy maximum anonymity while accessing the target server. Uses of CGI proxies can range from VPN functionalities, anonymous proxies to other personal uses. Installing CGI proxies entails a simple process and there is ample scope for customization.