Virgin proxy is a term used to describe an unused IPv4 address. While this term is regularly used in the proxy server industry, approximately 99.99% of IPv4 IP addresses have been used at some point. It is common for IP addresses to get recycled, especially when they get re-designated. If your residential IP address has been recycled before, it may show different GEO locations in different databases.

What’s Wrong with a Previously Used Proxy?

Oftentimes, being assigned to a used proxy isn’t a big deal. You do not want to end up with a proxy IP address that was assigned to a user who was previously involved in illegal online activities. It is rare for a user to be assigned a proxy IP address that has been blacklisted. As long as you are using a reputable proxy service provider, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Proxy Key Focuses on Clean Proxy IPs

In today’s time, it is pretty difficult to secure a virgin proxy IP address. That’s why Proxy Key strives for clean proxy IP addresses as they are the next best alternatives. You can rest assured that we run intensive checks on the IP ranges we purchased from reputable datacenters. Our checks are designed to confirm that no IP addresses in the recently procured range have been abused before.

At Proxy Key, we ensure that our customers enjoy the highest quality of proxy service as well as unfettered connectivity. We only add approved IP ranges to our expanding inventory. What’s more, we have ongoing systems that make sure the IPs remain clean. If your abusive actions do get through our regular checks, you can rest assured that the particular IP range will be dropped.

As our purchased IP ranges are always clean, we have a consistent track record of maintaining 99.92% uptime. To find out how you can start using our clean proxy IPs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.