When you sign up with an Internet Service Provider, you may be assigned a static IP address or a dynamic IP address. If it is the former, it means that the IP address was manually configured for a device.  That’s why one user has one IP address. What’s more, a static IP address does not change. It is supposed to be your permanent address on the Internet.

Static vs. Dynamic IP Addresses

You already know that static IP addresses do not change. Dynamic IP addresses, on the other hand, change periodically. For example, dynamic IP addresses can change after you reset the Internet router. Next, a static IP address is permanent and a dynamic IP address is only used for a specific amount of time and will be returned to an address pool, so that other devices can use them.

Another major difference between static and dynamic IP addresses is that the former is all about uptime. When a dynamic IP address obtains a new IP address, you will be kicked off from the connection if you are connected to the existing one. You will have to wait until a new address is found. If you require constantly active connections, dynamic IP addresses would not make a wise setup.

Why would You need a Static IP Address?

Since a static IP address does not change, it makes contacting you very easy. For example, you may use networked printers, have a file server in your network, or even utilize remote access programs. Because your IP address never changes, other devices always know how to contact your device. If you are hosting a website from home, static IP addresses help eliminate the hassles of changing router settings to forward requests to changing IP addresses. If you chose to use a dynamic IP address and neglected changing any needed router settings, nobody can access your website because your router does not know device in your network is serving the website.

Planning to Get a Static IP Address?                              

At Proxy Key, we provide proxy IPs that allows you to have a static IP Address. Among the standard uses of Internet proxies, static IP addresses also come in handy for web development and facilitating a wide range of IT tasks. It is very easy to get your static IP address whitelisted.