At Proxy Key, we work in the IT application of proxies. In our context, a proxy service is an entity that provides its customers with proxy IPs. The service enables its users to connect to a dedicated server, which provides easy access to services like files, connections, and web pages. In addition, a proxy service may exist on a separate server or on the same machine. While there are a few of bad proxy services out there tarnishing the industry and giving proxies a bad name, you can rest assured that there is a wide array of reputable proxy services available.

What to Avoid

One of the most popular proxy services is the types that scan the Internet to retrieve lists of open proxy addresses. In most cases, these are hacked servers and computers that are not aware that their connection has been compromised and made into a proxy IP. This proxy service usually caters to hackers and other illicit users of proxy IPs.

What’s Safe to Use

If you are planning to use a proxy for anything work related, or need to enter any personal information while surfing the web, it is highly recommended that you avoid using free proxies. It is better to be safe than sorry.

At Proxy Key, we provide private proxy services; meaning the proxy IPs are run on our own controlled servers and each customer can use dedicated IP addresses. Our proxy service caters to legitimate uses such as protecting vital information, connecting multiple computers in corporate network securely, creating a secure line for remote access to company data, and more.

All in all, you need to be very careful when choosing a proxy service provider. It is a good idea to avoid free, public proxies. At Proxy Key, you can use our proxy service while enjoying complete peace of mind. We have been in the proxy business for more than a decade and we only provide clean proxy IPs.