Proxy rental is the concept of paying a recurring fee, usually monthly, for high quality and clean proxy IP addresses. This is similar to the idea of paying an Internet Service Provider (ISP). At Proxy Key, we follow the proxy rental model; as do all private proxy providers where parts of the proxy IPS – bandwidth, IP addresses, and datacenter servers – are paid for in the same fashion.

Proxy Key | Introduction to Our Proxy Rental Plans

If you are looking for proxy rental plans that provide private proxies, dedicated IPs, GEO location, U.S. based customer support team, etc., you have come to the right place. At Proxy Key, you can also find plans that offer up to 250 proxies. Other plans include 1, 10, and 100 proxies. You can see that our proxy rental plans are designed to suit a wide range of business sizes. Remember, we focus on your proxies, so you can focus on your business!

Why Choose Proxy Key for your Proxy Rentals

Proxy Key is recognized as a leading private proxy provider due to our amazing customer support, stellar account management, easy user interface, as well as lightning fast and high performance servers. Our team has many years of experience maintaining the most secure private proxy servers on the Internet, and that’s why we have been able to achieve a track record of 99.92% uptime.

When you rent proxies from us, you have nothing to worry about. Although a majority of IPv4 addresses have been used before, most of them are still clean proxy IPs that is suitable for continued usage. Before we purchase an IP range from a reputable datacenter, we also perform rigorous background checks to ensure that it is not abused. If it is the latter, we will drop that IP range without delay.

When you use Proxy Key’s private proxies, you can be sure that they are of the highest quality. Contact us today for more information.