A proxy list is, as the name suggest, a list of proxies. As a Proxy Key customer, you will get your own private proxy list when your account has been successfully activated. Our lists feature line-by-line listings of your proxy IPs as well as their corresponding port numbers. If you do a Google search for public/free (unsafe) proxy lists, you may find giant lists containing 1000’s of public/open proxy IPs.

Quality, not Quantity

When you get a proxy or several proxies from Proxy Key, the list you receive isn’t going to be as lengthy as the one you’d find if you search for “proxy list” in Google. Even if you manage to find extensive lists of free public proxies, keep in mind that they are usually very dangerous since they may be abused by hackers. In addition, public proxies are unreliable and they can become unavailable without warning.

Free proxy lists can also contain hacked IP addresses, where the proxy you are connecting to is a random person’s home network. These proxies are illegal, as the host (victim) is completely unaware that people are using their connection as a proxy.

When it comes to proxy lists, quality is definitely more important than quantity. Having one reliable proxy that is private, secure, and available 24/7 is much better than having access to thousands of proxies that put you at risk when you use them.

Proxy Key’s Proxy Lists

When you receive your proxy list, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that the IP addresses we provide are 100% clean and legitimate. Since we use high performance servers to host our proxy services, you can expect 99.92% uptime, all the time! What’s more, we have a passionate customer support team that is always ready to help you make full use of your proxy list. If you are interested in signing up with Proxy Key, feel free to drop us an email or call us today!