Some proxy providers may utilize the term “premium proxy” to distinguish their top-of-the-line proxies from their non-premium, basic offerings. They are not talking about free or paid proxies, but two different grades of paid proxies. At Proxy Key, we do not see the need for such a separation of offerings. Since our inception, we have been using the best equipment and bandwidth providers at all times, so there is no “non-premium” proxies as we see it.

Sharing is Not Always Caring

When it comes to using a shared proxy, your Internet surfing experience will not be as secure as when you are using a private proxy. For example, public proxies can be shared and accessed by anyone with a working Internet connection. This increases the risks of your personal information getting exposed to prying eyes.

In most cases, you will be better off using a private proxy server, and it is pertinent that you read reviews, testimonials, contact the proxy provider, etc., before signing up with any plan. In addition, it isn’t just about security. If there are multiple users on the same proxy server, Internet connection and surfing speeds will be affected.

Proxy Key offers Stellar Quality Proxies

As mentioned, you won’t see us referring to any of our proxies as premium, because we consider all of our proxies to be of the highest quality. Proxy Key does not have any sub-par proxies that are offered at a cheaper rate. We offer excellent quality private proxies at an affordable price. We also make sure that our IP range is completely clean.

What’s more, our private proxies are backed by state of the art servers located across dozens of datacenters worldwide. We have implemented redundancy plans that also help us keep to our promise of maintaining 99.92% uptime.

If you want to start using our private proxies, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team today!