Paid proxies are proxies that allow you to maintain anonymity when you use the Internet. In addition, you will pay for proxy services rendered as well as downloaded traffic. In most cases, paid proxy rental plans require a monthly fee. Paid proxies give users an array of benefits, including stability, constant uptime, as well as the option to choose proxies by different parameters (response time, access rate, geographical location, and etc.).

Free Proxies Can be Dangerous

Free proxies can be highly unreliable. Free proxy lists may also comprise unsecured home networks that are being used as a proxy server without the owner’s knowledge. Using free but abused proxies makes your computer vulnerable to virus infections.

Another problem with free proxies is that they are constantly shared and they are supported by advertisements. That’s why free proxies need to have as many users as possible. It will be difficult for you to enjoy proxy services that are affected by severe latency problems.

Key Benefits of Using Paid Proxies

When you use paid proxies, you immediately receive reliable service. Your personal information will be protected from getting hacked, you can bypass blocked websites, you can enjoy faster Internet surfing speed, and more.

Why Opt for Proxy Key’s Paid Proxy Services?

For starters, Proxy Key provides clean proxy IP ranges and IPv4 addresses. You can also rest assured that they were not abused in the past. As a leading proxy provider, we are committed to keeping your proxies up at all times as well as being the proxy service you will ever need. What’s more, we manage dozens of data centers worldwide and we utilize high performance servers that provide super quick speeds of up to 1 GBPS.

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