A data center is a facility which houses several computer servers that are connected to the Internet. In most cases, the temperature and humidity levels of the facility are controlled to prevent any equipment from overheating or moisture that can cause rust. A data center also generally includes various security devices, redundant data communications connections, backup power supplies, and more.

Types of Data Center Facilities

  • In-house data center facilities: Large organizations, in the technology industry, such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, IRS and NASA build and operate their own facilities. In most cases, their in-house capabilities allow them to have their own data center facility.
  • Colocation data center facilities: Multi-tenant data center facilities sell colocation space to enterprises by the cage, cabinet, and rack. Companies that bought a space still maintain control over their hardware. However, maintenance of internal systems and the facility in general are still outsourced to the provider.
  • Dark data center facilities: Dark data centers are operated and controlled remotely via lights-out management, and that’s why common tasks that would usually require physical access are automated. Management staff rarely needs to enter the data center. Dark data centers, as the name suggest, do not need to remain lit.

About Data Center and Residential Proxies

For starters, data center proxies are IP addresses that originate from a secondary corporation that is not located at your physical location. Residential proxies are recognized as IP addresses that come from a standard Internet Service Provider via cable or DSL. Whether you are using the Internet as an individual or business, you need to have a residential IP address. With that in mind, you should remember that data center IP addresses are not affiliated with an ISP. They do not provide you with the internet. For data center proxies, anonymity is delivered in batches. These proxies are often supplied by the provider whose services you pay for, possibly on a monthly basis.

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