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Internet proxies refer to any device that acts as an intermediary for network connections between multiple devices. Without a proxy, Computer A and Computer B can communicate with each other directly. If that’s not what you want, an Internet proxy can be used to serve as a middleman. It accepts traffic from one computer and passes it onto another computer.

Today, Internet proxies are essential tools for a wide range of IT support professionals. They need these proxies because today’s IT infrastructures, network architectures, and the demand for 24/7 user support, make it impractical or almost impossible to deliver support services, especially without the aid of Internet proxies.

Let’s find out how Internet proxies can help improve an IT professional’s ability to deliver support services, especially when working with remote-access tools.

Why Do People Use Internet Proxies?

What’s wrong with allowing one’s devices to exchange data with each other directly? Why should you use Internet proxies?

  • Reason A: Remote Access

An Internet proxy enables remote access to devices. This device may be impossible to reach via the public Internet. IT support teams have the practice of implementing firewalls to block unauthorized access to their company’s desktop computers. In other words, outsiders cannot access the corporate network.

There are certain circumstances, however, where individuals need to connect to those computers. In this case, an Internet proxy can run on a device within your corporate network and be programmed to accept outside connections. Since the proxy is running inside the corporate network, it is able to reach other devices within that network as well. Connections must be routed through the proxy for this to work.

  • Reason B: Security

When you route network connections through proxies, you can effectively shield important devices from exposure to the public Internet. You can also enhance security via port obfuscation.

Why are Proxy Servers Increasingly Important for IT Support Professionals?

Today, a great array of IT infrastructures is increasingly complex. In addition, cyber security threats continue to grow like weeds. Hence, Internet proxies are now needed more than ever. As mentioned earlier, Internet proxies provide an array of security and remote access benefits.

For example, IT teams can provide support services even when they are away from the office. This is important because some employees may need to work around the clock. Things can go awry if there is zero possibility of real-time resolution of potential IT issues. That’s why IT administrators combine proxies with remote access software to access affected computers from an off-site location.

Modern companies are now more open to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. This means that employees can bring and use their personal devices for work purposes. In this case, IT support admins have the responsibility of supporting these devices even if they are not connected to the company’s network.

Internet proxies make it possible and easier for the IT support team to log into an employee’s personal devices securely and remotely from within the company network. Without a working proxy, those personal devices have to be added to the corporate network before they can be accessed. This increases potential security risks.

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