Private Proxies

Proxies act as middlemen for connections between the Internet and computers. Basically, there are two types of proxies: private and public. Public proxies are easily accessible and oftentimes they are free. On the other hand, private proxies are paid for, but in return they offer more benefits and also enhance security for the user.

Private proxies are mainly utilized to alter or hide the default IP addresses that are assigned by ISPs. Using public proxies may seem like a cheaper alternative. However, there are many problems a user can encounter by using public proxies, e.g. limited reliability, limited security and accidentally clicking on a pop advertisement that can download malicious software.

In this article, we will focus more on how private proxies can aid in SEO efforts and why as a business owner you should pay special attention to your actions that would affect your SEO effectiveness. To be successful at SEO, you first need to find a reliable proxy server.

Risks Of Not Using a Private Connection

  • End up spending hundreds of dollars in fixing security breaches
  • Stolen information pertaining to employees such as social security numbers
  • Stolen sensitive data pertaining to your customer’s online purchases
  • Stolen company information like bank statements
  • Poor Google search engine results
  • Increased website downtime and slower connections

How Do Private Proxies Relate To The SEO Industry?

To ensure successful SEO practices, a company may need to change or hide its browser-associated IP address by using a private proxy. Why would a company want to do this?

  • If a company is looking to research a competitor’s SEO practices without disclosing their actual IP address, using a private proxy allows the company to secretly study its competition. This move allows the company to move one spot higher than the competitor on the Google’s search results.
  • A business that manages social media accounts for marketing companies is able to access several different accounts by using a private proxy server. The server generates different IP addresses to avoid being blocked from restricted accounts or being mistaken as spam activity by some social media websites.
  • Using private proxies allow companies that have a majority of their clients based in foreign countries to alter their IP address so that it seems like they are sending requests from that particular country. Without a private proxy, when users do a search, IP addresses from their country will appear first. This means that a company will fall behind competitors in terms of results.
  • Private proxies allow businesses to create and advertise as they please without their acts being filed as spam on the Internet.
  • SEO companies require using private proxies in order to create backlinks that will improve a company’s Google ranking.

How Your Company Can Benefit From Using Private Proxies

As you can see, utilizing a private proxy has a number of advantages over shared or public proxies. Main reasons why you need to consider private proxies to aid your SEO efforts include:

  • Private proxies allow faster connections
  • Private proxies allow you to keep your private browsing history, form fill-ins and browsing sessions private and secure
  • Private proxies are more secure meaning you can easily bypass firewalls
  • With private proxies, you can easily arrange for your IP address to be located from anywhere across the world