Evaluating and assessing your current IT state is essential for any company progressing or expanding What was necessary at one stage of your business growth may easily become outdated. There may be a real need to ensure your data is protected and encryption is a safe way to do this with proxy servers. It may be necessary to mask your IP address, for example if you are travelling and in a hotspot. But what about your business’ changing needs? Let’s look at the key ways to assess your current IT state.

Assess Your Current IT State

This may sound obvious, but if you haven’t got a base to work from you will find it more difficult to decide what other steps you need to take. The first step is to clarify your current IT arrangements. To review your current IT state, you should:

  • Review your IT staff to ensure you have the best qualified
  • Collate all your current IT documents for review. Technology changes so quickly these can quickly become outdated
  • Check what new resources you need
  • Review your business and its expansion plans, goals and ideals
  • Review the business finances and allocate a suitable budget for IT expansion costs

Once you have all the information you need you are then able to examine it in-depth to create a way forward. This blueprint should include all aspects of your business, as well as looking at the key people, resources and technology available. You will then be in a position to undertake a future assessment.

Assess Your Future IT State

Now you have the results of your baseline assessment, you can plan ahead with your IT strategy to ensure it can accommodate your growing business and ideals and vision. This will include looking at competitors or rivals and their strengths. You will need to identify any core IT technology that is currently missing or that has been upgraded without your changing with it.

Once you have identified the key areas that need addressing then you can formulate a suitable plan with your IT staff, ensuring they have a clear understanding of what is required and the level of protection and privacy that the business needs. They may need training, re-training or additional skills to ensure they can competently complete the job. You may also need to consider taking on additional staff.

You will need to ensure you have the funds available to update your IT technology. If you are a small company or business and have just attended to your IT needs as and when you feel the need then this is certainly an area you need to review. Perhaps you have never allocated a budget to your IT services, or you have always offered a relatively small budget for this purpose.

Due to the rise in technological advances, now is the time to increase that considerable. As cybercrime continues to rise and become ever more subtle and sophisticated, the risk of losing data or money has never been more prevalent. IT protection is a key component of any modern-day business, and as the business grows and expands, the potential for bigger losses through cyber-attack is even more important.