financial data protection

There cannot be a bigger concern today than the security of your financial data. Your confidential information is exposed to the technological vulnerabilities, with the constant fear of losing your sensitive details. In today’s modern world, most of the financial transactions take place online, and your data can be easily exposed to the site owner. Let us check out some of the tips that will help you in protecting financial data.

Careful Use Of Debit And Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards are taken for granted these days, given our dependency on the security provided by financial institutions. However, this is easily one of the biggest reasons why a majority of people fall victim to cyber criminals. Your card may be secured enough to protect data, but once you get into the trap, it can be damaging. If you are using a relatively new or a high-risk card processing website, make sure you are not directed to any suspicious link.

Don’t Respond To Suspicious Emails And Cold Calls

Malicious emails are generally dumped into spam folder by the servers, rather than reaching your inbox. However, many hackers use advanced codes to penetrate through those security measures. A pattern is used by scammers and phishers to trap the victim into providing sensitive data. You may be asked something like upgrading your security system, when you don’t even have one. The best way to tackle such emails is not to respond, or better delete them.

Check The Authenticity Of The Website

Phishing is one of the most common activities used by hackers to gain access to your private information, and most of the people get into this trap easily. This is done by making use of hyperlinks, which redirect you to a suspicious website. You can easily differentiate between an original and a morphed site. Always hover the pointer over the link, before clicking on it, and make sure it has https, instead of http. There are various online tools as well, which can be used to avoid ill-fated situations.

Avoid Using Public Network

People get lured into the thought of using free internet, without addressing the issue that comes along with it. Most public network would ask you to sign in with your name and contact number, generally in places like shops, airports and malls. You should simply ignore using any such network without proxies, no matter how tempting it is. A few megabytes of data free of cost can actually cost you a lot in the long run!

Only Use Official Banking Applications

Apps have a simple user-interface with one-click service at your disposal. Browsing on mobile can be painful, when you are checking your financial transactions. The reason behind the popularity of banking apps is that it is way faster than the browser. However, there’s a possibility of downloading an unofficial app that is the copy of the original. Make sure to check the reviews from the source you are downloading and check out the ratings before clicking on the install button.