proxy servers online business

If you are running an online business, chances are you have used a specific type of proxy or may not be aware of it. Proxy servers provide the ability to work remotely securely. What is a proxy? How does it work? And how does an online business benefit from using it?

How Proxies Work

Proxies are point to point connections between the users and remote locations on the Internet. If you work online, for example, using a proxy means that your computer will first connect to a proxy server. That server then requests information from the target server on your behalf. In other words, this connection provides a tunnel through which all business data will pass. All traffic that passes through this tunnel is then encrypted, going from your current location to the proxy server and then resent on your behalf to the wider Internet. This means that that anyone trying to spy on the packets going from your system will only see static. No one will know which sites you visit because your data will be encrypted.

Reasons Why An Online Business Should Use Proxy Servers

  • Faster Speeds And Greater Bandwidth Savings

Most people automatically assume that using a proxy will slow down Internet speeds. This is not true. The truth is that proxy servers actually increase Internet speeds. How? These servers save bandwidth on a network by caching web pages and files accessed by multiple users, and strip ads from websites. They also compress traffic which frees up the bandwidth so that you can access web pages easily and quickly.

  • Control Employee Internet Usage

No online business owner wants his or her employees to access inappropriate and unsecure websites on company networks. This is why most internal networks run on proxy servers. When you use a proxy server, you have control over which devices have access to the network and which sites can be visited with those devices. You can block sites and undesirable content you don’t want employees to use on company time. Proxy servers can also be used to monitor potential security breaches and illegal activities within the network.

  • Balance Traffic To Prevent Your Server From Crashing

An online business can only succeed when it is able to maintain a good customer experience. Customers get annoyed when they visit a website only to find out it is down. Using proxies can ensure that that this does not happen. Proxy servers are used to create web addresses to serve as access points. A proxy balances the requests on each server to ensure a seamless customer experience on your website.

  • Carry Out Sensitive Tasks Anonymously

A proxy is best known for its ability to make web traffic anonymous. This function is very important for an online business. A business owner can count on the added identity protection offered by proxies to protect himself or herself, clients, partners, and other sources. If you have any sensitive tasks that need to be completed over the Internet, always use a proxy.

  • Improve Business Security

Online businesses worry about hackers. A data breach can cost a business both in terms of public image and monetary loss. Proxy servers reduce the chance of breaches. Proxies prevent hackers from reaching the servers that run the web software where sensitive data is stored.