proxies video streaming experience

Do you love watching videos online, i.e. watching snippets of your favorite movies and shows or videos of cute pets? Chances are you have been to many video streaming sites. However, with the rising concern of online anonymity and security, you are concerned about your own. That was when you found proxy servers. You are new to this and may be wondering if these servers affect your online video viewing experience. Well, there is no straight yes or no answer to this question. You should keep in mind that videos are more complex data. That is why when you want to utilize proxies to stream videos, you will need to do your research first.

The Problem with Free Proxy Servers

The word, “FREE,” catches your attention. Here’s what you need to know about free proxy servers. They are usually run as web applications in your browser. When you open or access the application, you simply enter the target website’s URL – the place where you want to watch your videos. When the application receives and processes your request, the result is rendered within the application, not by the browser.

“Houston, we have a problem.” Now, the proxy application acts as a middleman. Most websites were not designed to be loaded this way. That is why problems can arise when dealing with more complex content like videos. Moreover, most free proxy servers do not work well with certain technologies such as Flash and Java. These technologies are often needed for video playback. Hence, the results you get are just a scrambled page. You may not even see a hint of the video you are trying to stream.

In some cases, these errors can be fixed, e.g. a video page that did not load correctly. The solution is to restart the browser or clear your browser cookies or cache. However, if the problem persists, the free proxy server is going to get you anywhere because it does not support video playback.

The Advantage of Using Private Proxy Servers

Do not be dismayed because all you need is an advanced proxy server, a private proxy server. Yes, there are proxy servers that are designed to allow users to watch videos. These proxies mask your IP address, handle all your Internet traffic, and allow web pages to load DIRECTLY in your web browser. You will be able to access your favorite video streaming sites, such as YouTube, Hulu, etc., without experiencing the issues that were mentioned earlier!

Locations and Privacy

At Proxy Key, our global proxy servers are located in 25 countries around the world. No matter where you live, work, or play, you can always find a proxy server close by. Remember, free proxy servers cannot always meet your video streaming needs. Private and dedicated proxy servers, on the other hand, grants you the capability to stream any video, on any network. What’s more, there are tons of features available that will make your overall experience much more convenient and enjoyable.

That’s not all. You will be able to protect your privacy as private proxy servers utilize advanced encryption technologies to deliver a safe, secure browsing experience. Use private proxies today and never encounter a broken page again! Videos load faster so you can watch more videos throughout the day!